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Alaska Vision Center transitioning to new office software to better serve our patients!

Alaska Vision Center is excited to announce that, beginning August 3, we will be transitioning to new software that will enhance our patient experience and office procedures.  This software upgrade will include both your electronic medical record and our ordering/billing system.  Benefits include:

  • compatibility with the new government-mandated ICD-10 diagnosis codes (scheduled for October 1, 2015);
  • a “patient portal” where you will have a secure login to retrieve your prescriptions, access your medical records and review your billing information.  This portal will be HIPAA (Privacy Practice Act) approved for email communication with Alaska Vision Center;
  • updated email/texting message system for appointment requests/reminders to better serve our patients.

Please “pardon our dust” during the transition – we will provide services through our optical shop for the early part of the transition period and patient appointments will not be affected.  Some helpful notes during the first few weeks after the transition period:

  • Our current email/texting system for appointment reminders will no longer be functional; we will contact our patients by phone as confirmations/reminders of appointment times.  We should have our NEW email/text system available as soon as possible – check back here or on our Facebook page (“like” Alaska Vision Center, Inc.) for updates;
  • Our email and phone number will NOT change – feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for appointments;
  • For the first few months, you may see monthly statements from both the OLD and NEW systems – these are NOT “double-bills” but an overlap since the systems are not compatible.  We will make every effort to make your statements easy to understand – our staff is always available to answer any billing questions you may have;
  • Our new system may send a statement indicating any patient balance and a separate statement showing what your insurance has/has not covered – we are hoping this will be quite temporary

Please bear with us during this transition – we are excited about the possibilities our patients will have to be pro-active regarding their vision care.  An ability to review and/or print prescriptions, access medical records or referrals and make payments online will certainly help our patients stay on top of things!  During the transition period (a few weeks, hopefully!) or at any time, please do not hesitate to call our office.  Our staff will happily take your call and answer your questions.  Better yet – stop in and visit!  We would love to see you.