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Year-end flex spending account

It is easy to overlook household “business” at year-end when our lives get busy with holiday happenings, family and travel.  However, when we plan ahead by putting valuable “flex spending” dollars in our accounts to use for those non-covered expenses and then forget to use them, we frustrate ourselves and waste resources.  Remember that dollars need to be spent in the calendar year in which the funds are available even though the paperwork for reimbursement can be done after the beginning of the new year.  That said, those flex dollars can be used on vision exams and materials (eyeglasses or contacts) and Alaska Vision Center is ready to help!  We have a large selection of new frames at nice prices – if you have a current prescription, please bring yours in (no appointment needed!) and our experienced opticians can put you into a new pair of glasses that fit both your lifestyle and your budget.    If you need an updated prescription, please call the office to schedule your exam – our schedule has plenty of openings to accommodate your busy schedule!  Please call with questions or stop in – we’d love to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!